Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When it rains, it pours!

Monday...oh Monday was awesome. I had been cozied up in the house all day. My husband wasn't working at the fire station or pushin' snow! Riverlyn was home and we had a great, not-very-often relaxed family time. Just hanging out. It was the first day in a coule weeks where I didn't have an obligation scheduled. Actually, I had a Christmas party but I skipped out...I didn't really have to be there. I was so cozy and happy, I just couldn't make myself get out and about and do make-up and hair...call me lazy, but call me happy!

Tuesday...oh Tuesday was just awful! First, we woke up, turned on the faucet and there was no water coming out...(uhh, didn't this happen to me last year? right...) and that's when we realized the pipes were frozen and we forgot to leave a faucet dripping. Great. So we put a propane heater blasting heat onto the water pipes. That was at 8 o'clock in the morning. By 8:30 Jason bailed, he had to go plow. As the heater under the house was blasting heat (like that's not the most dangerous thing in the world) I had to check the faucets every 20 minutes or so to see if we had water yet. And every time, I came up nill. In between those 20 minute intervals I had to go outside to check the heater to make sure it was still blowing under the house, because if the ignition goes out, then I'm basically forcing propane into my home right?

Anyways, By 4:00pm yesterday, my dad was on his way to wrap the pipes in heat tape. Then Jason called to see if we had any running water yet. "Nope," I said. Then, the Carbon Monoxide detector starts going off. "Why's the fire-alarm beeping at me?" I asked Jason via phone. "That's not the fire alarm Kendra. That's the C O detector. Call 911 and get out of the house...be sure and turn off the propane ignition and heater. Hurry."

It was 20 degrees outside so I tell Riverlyn to grab her coat and boots and go outside. That's when I realized that my 4 year old does NOT think straight under pressure. She started running around in circles, hands shaking, terrified look on her face screaming "I don't know where it is..." and then starts crying...She was so scared.

So I got her and both dogs inside the car while I was on the phone with 911. When I hung up, I realized I forgot my keys. I ran back inside scared because I thought my house was going to blow up or something. When I grabbed my keys, water started shooting out of the faucets I had opened earlier. Thank you God! We have water and no broken pipes. See, I knew the propane tank heater would work! Although the firemen told me later the it was also the source of the CO leak. Stupid me. I also felt stupid when they went into my house and all the faucets were running full blast. They probably thought I was dumb AND wierd. Oh well. I have water again, and no CO. And then we played barbies.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It was Mel's idea

So I saw Mel did this and thought it would be funny...I was really chosen to do this either but it's fun.

1. Open your 4th picture folder on your computer
2. Choose the 4th picture.
3. Post and explain your picture
4. Select 4 other people to do the same.

Sedgwick County Zoo, this gorilla was thinking real hard about what he was going to do to my camera if I took one more picutre of him. I don't think I took anymore considering the path of destruction he left behind him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not it

So, I had my sonogram...my doctor will look at it and will go over it with me in January. The nurse that did it said she thought everything looked just fine but the doc would have final say. However, Jason had a complete physical last week. His doctor called and said his testosterone levels were low. So maybe it wasn't me! So maybe things will be looking up sometime soon. I want to have a another baby before I turn 30!

Our family has all been fighting off chest colds, sinus issues, you know, all the typical winter crud.

Thanksgiving was great. We spent the first half of the day at my mother and stepfathers house. Then the rest of the day at Jason's parents house. This next weekend we'll have more food and ping-pong fun with my dad and his girlfriend.

Other than, life has consisted of hunting, so check out my hunting journal. There's some cool new trail camera pictures and grueling details of sitting in my treestand for the last 2 1/2 months only to see nothing. Hopefully, in the end, there will be something said for being persistent.

TaTa For Now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

prayer request

So, today at 10:00 I have a sonogram...just to make sure everything is okay in my uterin area. I so badly want to have another baby, and we've been trying for quite some time now. I've been off birth control for well over a year. I'm not too worried yet, this is just another step to make sure everything is okay seeing as how I'm not pregnant yet. So, I pray the doctor says "give it time.." or "this is what's wrong.." I just need to ease my mind.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The many faces of my kids

Barbie has become an official child of mine. But my firstborn is her hairdresser!
And this is how a 4yr. old watches movies:

Me and the girls at Silver Dollar City waiting on the parade.

My husband is a natural born hillbilly who tries to be a pimp sometimes. Not really.

My beautiful girl:

Sasha and Loki...the most awesome-ist dogs in the world. I've got 'em trained to pee on command. You can just call me the "dog-whisperer."

Could sisters be any different?

Personality does not run short in our family.

I'm at a loss for words for a caption on this one. That's just pitiful.

Branson pictures and Barbies

This is the daily routine. Barbies. I've come to love Barbies. I never played with them. In fact, I hated them. I couldn't understand how anyone could seriously enjoy playing with something that wasn't even real. Obviously, my daughter doesn't share the same understanding. But we're reaching a common ground.

Wow, I'm so behind on my blog. I've been so busy. But I'm not complaining. I'm busy with all of the things I love. Here's some great pictures of Branson.

River: Uh, I'm confused...what are we doing?
Kylie: We're going on a boat right in 39 degree weather...duh. Put your gloves on.

Kylie: Uh...it's kinda chilly.

River: I'm warm as long as Kylie is sittying next to me.

Jason: Hmm....can someone tell me why we are doing this again?

Because it's fun!!!! (something was obviously funny. Pam is definitely enjoying herself on her new boat. She was so excited she couldn't wait to test it out....even if it was 39 degrees.) Nice teeth Ruby! You are really having a blast!

Mike: I love my new boat...C'mon sun, Iknow you can pull through for us!

YOU CAN'T STOP A NELSON BABY!Kylie has such an influence on River. They turned the hallway of the cabin into a "spa." Riverlyn doesn't even know what a "spa" is...but shoot, if laying on a bunch of pillows with a warm washcloth over your face takes the bags under your eyes away, then...well, she's down for it! Talk about a vacation. I didn't even get a spa-treatment.

Monday, November 10, 2008

no title

Forgive me for my rant. I was out of control that day. I'm done now though, I promise.

So we went to Branson to Silver Dollar City with the whole Nelson Family this past weekend. It was great. I'll have some pictures of our weekend soon. However, even though we brought our camera to the park, we were so frozen I think my brain froze and forgot to take pictures. No, really my fingers were too frozen to work the camera. Although I did get pictures of all of us on Tablerock Lake in 40 degree weather. My father-in-law got a new boat so we had to break it in...with blankets, hats, gloves and coats.

You can't stop a Nelson baby!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I'm scared for my country if Obama becomes our next President

1. He wants to take away my right to bear arms.
2. He says he won't be sworn in on the Bible.
3. He doesn't know the pledge of allegiance while my 4 year old daughter does.
4. He refused to wear the American flag pin.
5. He says when it comes down to it, he will stand behind the terrorists, oh I mean Muslim people rather than the rest of the world. Read his own biography and see for yourself.
6. Him or his wife have never even liked the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
7. The first time his wife ever like the USA was when the country voted him the democratic nominee.
8. He can't keep his story straight. (First, middle class to him was $250,000 a year..oh really? I didn't realize I was living in such poverty. Then he changed his mind and said that middle class was $200,000. I guess I really am poor. But then he came back and said that middle class was $150,000. Dang, I'm like, dirt poor. Alas, he still changed his mind again and decided to declare 125,000 middle class. Oh man I'm sinking really low here. But see, he still changed his mind and said $97,000 was middle class. Well oh Good Lord save me from myself and my measly poverish income. BUT I GUESS IT'S OKAY, SINCE HE WANTS TO SPREAD THE WEALTH, THEN THOSE WHO ARE MAKING $97,000 OR MORE A YEAR CAN JUST PAY MY WAY THROUGH LIFE. I'LL TELL MY HUSBAND TO QUIT ONE OF HIS TWO JOBS AND WE CAN JUST WAIT FOR THE RICH PEOPLE DOWN THE ROAD TO GIVE US OUR HANDOUT BECAUSE THEYWORKED SO DAMN HARD TO PAY MY BILLS. so, maybe Barack Obama should be president? hmm...it might be worth it if he does get elected. Then I could spend more time with my husband since he can quit work and we'll just expect the handout from the hardworking people of the world. cool)
9. He wants to nix our health care system (the best in the world) and replace it with a health care system of third world countries. Get healthy now people, if universal healthcare is on the horizon don't expect to be seeing your doctor ever again.
10. He says "determining when a child has a right to live" is above his pay-grade but yet, he wants to make decisions as President. You're freaking kidding me right?

Reasons why this post is irrelevant:
1. I'm a Christian, he's not. You poor thing Barack Hussein Osama...i mean Obama...wait, no I don't.

So, yeah, he's probably the anti-christ.

this post has no title

I know I haven't posted much in awhile, let me tell ya what I've been doing.

1. Hunting & Scouting
2. I went to Oklahoma last week, next week I'm going to Branson for our traditional Nelson Family fall trip to Silver Dollar City. I'm super pumped, it gets me in the Christmas spirit.
3. Spending time with my family ( like, playing Barbie's and dress-up, cuddling with my hubby, talking on the phone with my sister and my dad, hanging out with mom before she started her new job, playing barbies, hanging out in the garage with my husband since the weather has been nice, playing barbies, lovin' on the dogs, playing more barbies and playing barbies.)
4. Hunting
5. 4-wheeling
6. Wishing I was fishing
7. Spending alot of time with God
8. Cleaning our church once a week
9. Going to the library (Andover just opened up their new library, we are regulars!!)
10. Watching Riverlyn practice her newfound skills of cartwheeling along with her tap dancing classes. There just something about watching five little 4 yr. olds shake their booty and tap their tap shoes.
11. Hunting
12. Praying
13. Reading hunting magazines and dreaming
14. We went to the pumpkin patch; carved some pumkins, then the day before Halloween I had to clean up ROTTED, NASTY, MOLDED pumkin off the table...oh that's why I never do pumpkins..................is it "pumkin" or "pumpkin"? I don't know...I'll just say "punkin" like River does, no one seems to care.
15. We trick-or-treated this year with River's best friend Jenna. I hand sewed a dress and got together a conglomeration of things around the house for River to be a "snow-princess" because that's really what she wanted to be. Then, an hour before we went out for Halloween she changed her mind. She came out with her Easter dress on and her Easter basket and insisted on being an Easter girl. Fine...whatever....Easter girl.
16. Did I mention I've been playing alot of Barbie's and have been hunting alot lately. Yes, you could say I'm a well-rounded person :0)
17. Obviously not blogging alot.

So, there's some things I've been doing lately. I think I'm going to change my blog again too. But first, while Cinderella is entertaining my daughter I think I'll go watch some voting coverage and close my eyes.

Go McCain.
If Obama become President, he'll have to pry my dead hands off my guns to take it away from me. That's my right. Also, I will never ever refer to him as "President" or as a "Commander in Chief"...show me a veteran who will and...well, maybe I'll use "Mr." in front of his name. But all that is a whole 'nother post. Now that I got myself all fired up for something I can't control, I think I'll post about it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Look?

Do you like? Thought I'd change it up a bit. Check my other blog for a hunting post this weekend.

I'm going out tonight even though it's 80 degrees. We'll see what happens. Later!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Check out my hunting journal. I have some new pictures. Hopefully, I'll have more action to blog about in the coming weeks. My last few hunts have been very dull.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The dogs.

Sasha is a girl. Loki is a boy.
Sasha is brown.
Loki is tan.
Sasha is fast.
Loki is slow.
Sasha is brave.
Loki is careful.
Sasha is athletic.
Loki is clumsy.
Sasha is smart.
Loki is dumb.
Sasha is teaching.
Loki is learning.
Sasha has graceful moves.
Loki "lobs" around.
Sasha is willing to give to Loki, and have patience while he learns.
Loki is a follower, taking to Sasha's teaching of patience.

Sasha loves.
Loki loves.
Sasha is the protective queen of the house.
Loki is the protective loyal one of the house.
Sasha loves to cuddle with Riv.
Loki loves to cuddle with Riv.
Sasha and Loki both have a special place in our home and in our hearts.

They say opposites attract. I've always believed it. Especially since Sasha and Loki work so well together.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is Loki. Here's the story. For awhile now I've been wanting another dog. However, I had pretty specific stipulations if I was going to have another dog because having a puppy is like having an infant, and yes, I want another child very badly, but I'll wait for that stress until I have a baby. But my ideal dog would be already potty trained but not yet a year old so I could train and raise it up with our family. It would have to love children and other animals and be able to mix into our family. I can't be a bother to anyone since we already have Sasha who so loves to lick you to death and jump up to dance with you because she gets so excited to see you. I definitely don't need 2 of those. So I've looked at the humane society, Craig's List, the paper, kept my eye out and just figured after looking forever that if God wanted me to have another dog then He would bring the dog to me. Afterall, my expectations are a little unreal. Then, on Monday, Sasha had a vet appointment and since our doggy doc was so impressed with her health and personality she offered me a dog. Whoa! And this is what we got. I know it's meant to be since it was a gift from God!
This is Loki. When he was born, he and his litter were dumped. They were wild for the first 2 months of their lives. Then they were rescued. My veterinarian has fostered him until he could find a home. He's been taken to several different places before and ended up back in foster care. He's not what he looks like. He's the sweetest, most tame, calm, respective of you, absolutely cuddly adorabley perfect. HE'S ONLY 9 months old!! And, he's already potty trained. Did I mention he's got all his shots and he's neutered? He loves to play with Sasha and will allow my daughter to roll all over him. I've never heard him bark or seen him put anything in his mouth other than food.
Now if that's not an answered prayer then I don't know what is!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 years old!!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese for her 4th birthday party with her friends. She had so much fun being the birthday girl!

And I finally got her her Barbie computer!
On Saturday we had a family birthday party. It was great!
She was so excited about all her cards!! Wierd!Aunt K her some Romper Stompers.What a hard day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The biggest thing she could imagine...

R: Mommy, I wish I could marry you.
K: Really? *big smile* Is that how much you love me?
R: Yeah mommy, I love you as hot as a fire in heaven.
K: *blush*

my baby will be 4 yrs old on Wednesday! I hope she always loves me as hot as a fire in heaven.

After the flood

Check this out first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czh-gfNkOEQ

This is what we found when we walked down to the bridge. I knew it wouldn't last too long with the river being up about 20 feet. Usually it's about 20ft. below this road on the bridge. I figured we'd come back the next day and see if it's still there.
UH!? Guess it's not there today! So....where is it? (Looks like the waters went down!) This pic and the one above are taken from the same spot.
Oh! There it is! Can you tell that's the same bridge. Talk about damage. Good bye neighbors! People 'round these parts won't be stoppin' by cuz it's convenient no more.
That looks creepy.

Date night fun

Jason and I had a date night last night. Our daughter had her first real sleep over at her friend's house so we decided to go out for a good steak dinner. We chose the one and only Latham Saloon about 15 miles east of us out in the country. I would call it a one stop light town but I'm pretty sure there are no stoplights; and I can't call it a one horse town because I'm pretty sure horses and cattle are the only within miles of the town. Not one person in the place was without their buckles and boots. It was a warm friendly place and they served the best hand cut rib eye around. Places in boonies like that are very well kept secrets!

To see what Jason and I do when there's no kids around, check this out!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Check out pics from our weekend of setting up for bow-hunting season. Go to my hunting journal.

Sorry folks, life goes on hold from September to January. This blog will take the back burner here and there for the important things in life.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I posted a blog on my hunting journal on accident instead of here, so go check it out on the HJ. the link is to the left, up top. I've got some cool pics on there but didn't feel like redoing the whole thing. yeah, i'm lazy. but go check them out!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Some pictures I found

A discovery in Hawaii....

River and Sasha...they were so little! AWWW!

Trail camera 2006 (I think):
One of my favorite pictures.. And, wedding day:

Summer Fun

The boys on a float trip. No, that's not Jason's back with the tat...Jason's the one taking this pic. This was my garden in June, it's practically empty now. I'll have more tomatoes coming though.

This is corn. Or could we call it "cornhair" ??? I love cornhair. Cornhair is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. And this is a daily harvest of greenbeans. My favorite.
This was in Branson on July 4th. Apparently, it was a long day. You must play hard in order to fall asleep in your life jacket.

More to come soon. I'll have a blast from the past later. I've been working on cleaning and rearranging folders on my desktop and found some pretty cute pictures I have to show off from previous years. I'm gonna attempt another video too. Maybe. If I can remember. :) You know me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In 69 days....I feed my addiction.

It wasn't icey cold or snowy, just a little drizzly. Seeing as how it was October it was a pretty wet "cold." My nose was red and sniffly and my hands were already stiff and I hadn't even put on my gloves yet. I had spent the last five minutes getting my pep talk...and detailed instructions on what to do if needed help or got into trouble. My heart was racing. I was darn nervous. Is this really what I wanted to do? That's when Jason started strapping and wrapping me up, in a canvas sling with hooks and belts going every which way. How would I ever do this all by myself? Most people do this with a buddy or a group of freinds and he was ....sending me ALONE? MY FIRST TIME? Are you kidding me? (At that time, I didn't know people went with other people...I'm pretty sure this was my husband's strategic plan for our future hunting years. He knew I didn't know any better). I think the sight of myself was enough to get me scared. I think I was beginning to sweat through the inside of my boots (or should I say 200 lb. socks inside my boots), and then all the way through the 2 layers of pants and 3 layers of shirts and coat. All of a sudden I felt a little claustraphobic so I ripped off my camouflage bandana and took a deep breath in. I didn't want to seem nervous in front of my husband so I pretended I had to "redo" the "do" with the camo rag. After I was "put together" and he finished going over everything once more, that's when he led me astray. He introduced me to my addiction I didn't know I had. A fever I never knew of. An addiction that had yet to be fed that would soon take over my whole thought process. He led me into the deep dark wild, the bosom of the wilderness, the cold and never-ending woods that would butt up to a corn field just coming out of season. A field providing the last bit of food for the deer to find as everything started going dormant for the winter.
And there it was, the tree stand he'd set up the year before. Now, this was not a simple ladder stand. Had I known there was such a thing as a ladder stand I would have wrung his neck for making me climb this peg-in-winded-uneven-crooked-tree stand; not to mention climbing with an extra 300 lbs of garb on your body, pet bow in hand, trying not to snag your tree strap on a random branch as you scrape belly up the tree. It's even harder when your fingers are frozen. (Once again, my husband's strategic plan to make all the hunts to come a mere breeze. What a smart man. After my first hunt, I would be able to do anything.) WHEW! I was up. Hand on seat. Steady. What a view I had! Now...I just had to figure out how to turn around and get my arse set down. That's when Jason hollered from 20 ft. below "Be sure you get yourself strapped in first! You don't want to fall out of that thing!"
Uh...how was I supposed to do that? I was holding on for dear life with one hand on the seat, and one arm hugging my body against the tree afraid to let go...that's when I just let go, jumped up, turned myself around and got myself positioned to where I thought I wanted to be. Once again, WHEW!
After some coaching from below, this whole tying myself to a tree with a canvas thing-a-ma-jigger going up my crotch, squeezing my boobs just wasn't working out. So J finally climbed up and helped me out. Thanks I said...with a big fat wet smooch that nearly got us stuck together up there because of the cold wetness. (It didn't happen though...darn it!) That's when he left me. "I'll be back in a few hours! Good Luck!"
And that's history. I sat there in that tree for about 3 hours that day. Alone. Finally coming to a level only hunter's have been to. I got it! I finally understood why anyone in their right mind would do something like this. I spent countless minutes staring, thinking, praying, worshipping, praising God, admiring, and yearning to see an animal...preferably a deer, but at this point anything would do. And then I spent the whole rest of the time, thinking "Why didn't I pee BEFORE I went hunting?" Yes! I could call myself a hunter now! I knew he was proud of me! I now knew why he needed this. At least I thought I did. Until I saw the first herd of deer come into sight across the feild about 100 yards away. And that's when it hit me. I had buck fever and have had it ever since. A feeling, an addiction, a true fever racing through my veins and I need my fix NOW! Finally I had found another place in God's green (or at this time, kinda brown) earth where I BELONGED. I don't belong too many places on this earth, but in that tree in a cold day was one place I knew the Good Lord made for me. I never did get my deer that year. J did. An eleven-point rack. It's on my wall, I helped him feild dress it and kissed it for a picture before we butchered it and ate all the meat..which isn't as good as doe meat. So this year, I'm getting my trophy buck. There's much more to this story than can ever be told. You wouldn't understand. No offense, but until you've done it, you will never know the rush of this drug called hunting. This year, I'm bagging the limit. That's my challenge.
I have 69 days until opening day. My list of "to-do's" is growing. My anticipation is eating me alive. It will be hard waiting.
This year, if I get that granddaddy buck, I'm going on a bear hunt in 2009.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's a try at my first video post....i'm not tech savvy so finally, with the help of a good freind, I think I've figured it all out. Sasha is very opinionated and she had been voicing her feelings about going outside...it was muddy that day and she just wanted to go romp in the mud...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

more pictures, in no particular order

He'll do anything for his daughter and she knows it...he'll even fix her line on a Barbie pole.
The girls made home-made playdough.
Our tag-along...Jason painted it black and silver, put all terrain tires and a lift kit on the camper..now it can go anywhere. (You do have to have a coule extra step-ups just to get in it though.)
No matter how tired you are, you will persevere to finish the bacon....
...even if you fall out of your chair.

Like I said, persevere.