Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 1st is WHAT WHAT?

Yeah, you knew it was turkey season didn't you. Of course you did. You better have! I've been counting down the days. Although, I failed to scout things out yet. And, I failed to restring my bow. I have enough faith I'll make it through one more year before I have to restring it. I must, I must, I must call Mr. Dub this weekend. He's got to give me the go ahead. No babies, no homework, no obligations. Just me and God's green Earth. And turkey's lurking. They are waiting for me you know. It's their passion and their number one goal in life to elude me...as they have since the beginning. But not this year. Oh no. I will provide my family with their turkey dinner this year. Maybe. Fingers crossed. And a little a prayer. Off to get my tag. Good luck with your hunt this spring. Oh, and here's a plug for my new friends: Have you thanked a farmer today?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I would Facebook today

So I deactivated my account on Facebook. We haven't been meshing lately. I really wanted to get on my blog more. So now, I think of facebook posts in my head all day. Here's a few...
1. Wow, I feel great this morning after being sick with strep the last 4 days.
2. I'm pretty sure I totally bombed that presentation. I hate presentations. And I hate Microsoft Publisher, for now anyways.
3. So, I found out my friend is blind in one eye. Now I know why she was always looking at me funny! (sorry Lauren, I had to, lol!)
4. Dear people at the grocery store, I'm teaching my 17 month old manners, so when she says "hi" to you, say "hi" back. Is it that hard?
5. Wow, I guess I tried to do to much after being sick with strep for the last 4 days, I feel like crap.
6. Tekoah busted her lip on the concrete today. And, her new favorite word is "sock."
7. Bullriding this weekend! Alone. But that's how I roll.
8. Dear guy fixing your car in the street who's always trying to impress me: Your butt crack is hanging out from under your car.
9. So I'm going to blog more, even though no one reads it.
10. So I went out behind the ag building and hung out with the calves for awhile between classes. I drooled the whole time. And longed for my own.
11. This "living in town" thing is really hard to get used to. It's been almost 8 months and I'm still trying to get used to traffic and trains and other peoples dogs. I'll never get used to it.
12. I heart cows.