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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009: What it's like to be Jason's wife...

I should have known....things like this happen to us on a regular basis. Why wouldn't we have an "incident-free" holiday?

Christmas morning, J got off work from the fire-station and headed through the snow-covered city to get to his parents house so he could put Riv's present (a battery powered Princess Toyota FJ Cruiser) in the back of his truck and bring it home. We stored it there so she wouldn't ever guess we had it :).

7am: Jason calls. Our dirt road is completely covered in a 6 foot snow drift and the nose of his jacked up big-wheeled Deisel engine 4x4 Dodge is buried in the drift. He didn't realize how deep it was. There's no other way in or out of our road due to the bridge over the river being washed away in a flood 2 years ago. There's nothing he can do but start walking home in a wind-chill below zero. I sat by the window, sipping my coffee, wondering if someone was going to steal her gift out of the back of the truck. Who, on Christmas morning, was going to come plow our road? Finally I saw him walking down the road. Trudging through the snow, half frozen. After he made it inside, he fell onto the kitchen floor and thawed out. We hesitated but didn't know of any other option but to call our good friend and neighbor, Mr. Winzer, for help. They managed to cross a couple fields, through several creek beds, through several cattle gates and meandered their way to the highway that our road comes off of. The took both trucks and the gift in the back of one back through the way they came, only for our Mowing Truck to lose it's 4x4 and get stuck. (It's an old "piece" if ya know what I mean...) But, alas, he got the gift home, thanks to Mr. W and Riv recieved her gift on Christmas morning.

Now, Mr. W is a wonderful man with a wonderful family, but he and J are two of a kind. This is why they get along so well. They live in the same world :)

Later on, Christmas afternoon, J saw Mr. W and his wife driving down our road.

"Wonder where they are going..." I said.
"I know what they're doing. They just want to see how far they can get down the road before they get stuck." J says. Jason then goes to get the tow ropes and chains and by the time he catches up with the Winzer's, they're stuck :) You see, two peas in a pod! Karen feels me, right?

Later on that evening Mr. W came over for a Christmas dinner and fellowship. My dad was able to come as well, since the plows were able to make it down our road at about 4pm. Jason's dad came out as well and put his turkey carving skills to good work...and he also brought some chocolates :). At the end of the evening, I think J decided he would figure out his stuck-truck situation the next day.

So, today, Jason figured he should probably go see if he can get his Mowing Truck out of the field it's in and at least get it home to fix the 4WD. Heading out, he remembers the winter storm wind took his ground blind and blew it almost into the river. Well, with Jason's luck, why wouldn't you go cross-country in a field with snow drifts to try and recover it...I mean, that ground blind is soooo much more important than a truck, right?

(Are feelin' me here? THIS is what it's like to be Jason's wife ;)

Yes, his truck gets stuck in a huge snow drift. So, of course he needs help getting out. It's Mr. W's property, so naturally, him and his always-willingness-to-help-Jason-out-of-a-really-bad-situation good heart, decides to get his 4WD vehicle and help pull J out. Well, what do ya know, the tow rope pulls off a hitch on the bumper and a power-steering somethin' or other, etc....

It's 12:40, I don't know what my husband and Mr. W are doing right now, but I'm going to stop worrying about. They'll figure it out. They always do. Who knows what they'll conjour up to get themselves out of this pickle, this time...I'm just glad we have such good friends who live so close and who we can always help get out of certain pickles since they get us out of certain pickles...

And this is only 2 days worth of "pickles"...
Merry Christmas Winzers, we love all of you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Impression...on my mind
Seduction...the temptation, way too blind
Interruption...of my life's path
Suppresion...of pain, my emotionl wrath
Corruption...of my heart
Damnation...is bound to start
Vegetation...of my soul
The Completion...of one big painful hole. - Kendra

"If we walk in the light, as He is in the light...the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:7