Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

more pictures, in no particular order

He'll do anything for his daughter and she knows it...he'll even fix her line on a Barbie pole.
The girls made home-made playdough.
Our tag-along...Jason painted it black and silver, put all terrain tires and a lift kit on the camper..now it can go anywhere. (You do have to have a coule extra step-ups just to get in it though.)
No matter how tired you are, you will persevere to finish the bacon....
...even if you fall out of your chair.

Like I said, persevere.

full time mom = full time job

Geez, Jason said "I'll be cleaning my gun."
Rehearsal makes you hungry!
She was really proud to be dancing with the bigger girls.
Ornery Sasha, she loves camping.
Notice the rope tied around her waist? It was tied like a noose. In her words "I need it here in case I have to save somebody." (There was a loop tied at the very end of her rope-belt."

So I've been a stay-at-home mom now for a couple weeks, which is why I haven't been blogging. I've been reading all of yours though! This time of year we spend our weekends camping and swimming and we just went to Kansas City for the weekend for a girl's weekend...my mother, grandmother (85 yrs.), 2 cousins and their children. KC is a central meeting place for us all and we had a great time. Smart me forgot to bring my camera. Of course I would do something like that! Last week we had Vacation Bible School and the week before that was setting up and preparing at the church. We had a great time. The theme was the "County Fair." I had a little girl in my group who was so interested in Christ and becoming a Christian. Her name is Bethany. Please pray that Bethany can stay on the path she's on...I don't know what her home life is like. From what I can tell her parents work alot, they live on a farm and recently told her she would be allowed to come to church on Wednesday nights. VBS is a blessing for our rural area of kids who don't know about the Lord.

On another note, here are some pictures of our typical everyday life. They aren't too recent (as you can tell by the oh-so-attractive dates on the bottoms of the pics.) As soon as I have time I will get some pictures of my ever so time consuming garden. I have potatoes (sp?), onions, corn, carrots, beans, okra, tomatoes (sp?) and various pepper plants.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


so, storms (mainly tornados) again. apparently they are widespread across the entire midwest and the national weather service is saying this could be one of the deadliest days. my mother in law said an insurance agent is on her worship team at church and the NWS called him at his office telling him to be prepared for one of the worst days ever. so, this is big. I've been struggling all day that for the first time i'm actually letting the weather get to me....okay, so maybe i'm a little nervous. But here's the deal...i think i'm only nervous because i've let other people make me feel that way. (and that's what makes me really mad..) I couldn't even get through Dollar General today without hearing every person in every isle talking about the weather to come. (Okay, I'll admit that I was in dollar general looking for a magazine to take to the storm shelter figuring i'd have go down in there for awhile...i walked out empty handed sick to my stomach.)
Everyone thought my daughter's should be at my in-laws for safety. I was obviously asked to come too, but i just couldn't leave my dog at the mercy of tornados...it broke my heart. Some people say i'm heartless to worry about a dog over my family (WHICH I'M NOT) but then again, wouldn't that be heartless to not worry about the dog? so, I took the girl's to my in-laws because I would feel awful if something freakish happened and I didn't take them there, PLUS they are gauranteed much more safety there anyway. they really have been freaking out the last week over all these storms we are having. It's definitely unusual. They offered to let me keep the dog in the garage but I can see it now, she'd bark all night and scratch at the door because she'd be alone, then i'd be sitting in the garage during all the storms...I don't want to imagine ME trying to break down the kennel by myself and getting in my car and taking it over there..) If that's the case, well, i might as well be sitting in my own storm shelter...a big concrete box embedded underground (no, i don't have a basement). I thought about going to my dad's, I'd have a garage spot and i could have my dog inside, but i can't get ahold of him. i thought maybe my sister would like to come ride out the tornadic weather with me in the shelter since she doesn't have one, or a basement, but i can't get ahold of her either. So, after i took the girl's over to the in-laws....i just came back. And here I am, listening to the 50 mph wind, the clouds are building, my anticipation is growing...there's a tornado right now about 50 miles away, yet i'm not even in a tornado watch. I think what makes me the maddest (is that a word? whatever...) about this whole ordeal is that I have never before felt "unsafe and insecure" in MY OWN HOME. And now I do. I've always respected the weather, God can do what He wants right? And I'm smart about it, but I suddenly feel kinda scared, kinda queasy, uneasy, and very very lonely. Jason is on duty to make matters worse. That means he'll just be out on calls in the middle of a mid-western tornadic outbreak that's already starting. Oh.....there go some shingles off of my roof! well, I guess i'll just go...do...something to keep my mind busy. Maybe I'll toss my "storm-shelter bag" I've prepared down the stairs and just wait. This sucks.