Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have found one of my passions in life. No, not school; but the agriculture classes I'm taking in school. First it was pre-vet, but I've recently switched to agriculture. I'm loving it! I still may switch over to Farm and Ranch Management, but either way I think my instructors will play a key role in helping me find my future career. Right now I have crop science, meat science, agriculture in society, microcomputers in agriculture and livestock nutrition. But I think I need to take a class in sitting up straight. Class all day starts weighing on the 'ole back and neck. I'm not used to looking down at a table with papers and books all the time either. And, I may possibly be as old as my instructor :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

writers block, perhaps

So...I feel the need to write but have so much going through my mind I'm not sure where to start.

When I feel this way, the best remedy is a good hunt. The holiday season is over, school has not started yet and bow season is coming to an end. One tree stand is kind of not safe right now and ensures a chiropractor appointment. The other stand I've never had any luck on. So today I'm going out to the deer blind...precisely where I almost died across the river 2 years ago. But, I did see good deer there that time so I will go back. Maybe they'll get closer this time. I should have kept up my hunting journal this year. I haven't journaled since 2008. The following year I was unable to leave Riverlyn with Jason, the year after that I only went twice because, well, you just can't nurse a baby in a treestand in 30 degree weather. I wonder why God didn't work that one out? Hmmm....

Here's to today! To save my sanity, my patience and to get a good dose of worshipping my Heavenly Father in all His amazing creation. That's possibly the best part; aside from the adrenaline rush. Goodluck me. I usually don't "goodluck myself" but right now, there's no one to wish me luck :)