Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 weeks left. My freind Kelly has 5 weeks left. My freind Michele has 3 weeks left.

Good times.

Friday, August 21, 2009

5 weeks left!

Yes,we are nearing the end of the worst pregnancy ever. Would you believe I'm still puking! I have no idea how I've gained any weight but doc says I'm super healthy.

So, I've missed my blog! That stupid Facebook. Sometimes it's cool, but sometimes it's so stupid! Quizzes are funny....catching up, making conversation, etc., is cool. Receiving a "smile" and a "flower" ???? huh? That's one of the cheesiest things ever. Facebook "smiles and flowers and stars" are like when e-mail first came about and people forwarded those messages that said if they didn't forward it they would wind up dead in an alley or monkey would fly through windshield.

Oh wait...

People still do that huh?


Saturday, August 15, 2009


6 weeks to go 'til baby girl gets here! And in that 6 weeks I have 2 baby showers, 3 birthdays, school starts, Wednesday night fellowship starts, YoungLives Club, Luncheons at Southeast, Riv's dance class starts, and hopefully I will remember 2 anniversaries...which I probably won't. so...Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, Happy anniversary Kacy and Danny. Oh yeah, and I have to let my sister leave me. She's moving to Iowa. I will miss her!

So which one would YOU cut out if you were me and 6 weeks left to go in a pregnancy.

( Oh yeah, and, I'm taking care of group of chickens while our neighbors down the road are out of town. ) chickens bring me great joy. I would NEVER have chickens of my own, but I love it when I get to boss them around. They have their own little personalities and attitudes. Remember the movie chicken run? That is exactly how chickens are. Hope the 'coons stay away 'til the owners get back. I don't want to deal with chicken parts. I get to eat all the farm eggs that are laid this week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Updates...

7 weeks left until we meet our baby girl! Sure wouldn't mind if she came a little early!

Our camera broke about a month ago and we decided we'd get a new one but haven't gotten around to it yet...so therefore, I have no pictures to post. :(

Riverlyn starts the Early Childhool Education program at Bluestem Elementary School in Leon this fall. She turns 5 after the cutoff so she can't go to kindergarten. Instead she gets to be a Peer Model Student for her ECE class. It's quite the honor though as they only accept 4 Peer Model Students each year. She will be helping the other kids in the class who might be a little slower at learning and she'll set the examples of how to act in line, and how to follow directions, etc. I think this will perfect for her to use her leadership skills and self-esteem, and also to learn compassion for children that learn slower.

Loki, our boy boxer has doggy lupus. Hehehe. It sounds funny huh? But it's not really. Poor guy lost all his pigment in his face and his nose peels. This kind of lupus is an auto-immune disease. His body's immune system attacks it's own skin cells ultimately killing them. Luckily, it's treatable.

Kylie, bless her heart has lost 3 grandparents in the last 9 months and her grandfather left her grandmother. She's coping good...they were all much older and I guess it wasn't completely unexpected. I took her school clothes shopping today. Just me and her, no River tag-a-long and no daddy, just her and I. It was fun. She's getting to the age of being very trendy and particular about things and it made me excited to go shopping for myself here in about...oh....a year. Ya know, post-baby body....

Well my garden is finally taking off. I'm glad I didn't plant it as large as last year. Harvesting is tough, squatting, bending over, drenched in sweat, all while pregnant. Not ideal. Needless to say, Jason has really been doing alot of the garden work. It irritates me when I can't do my things I always do but ya know, baby is worth it of course!

YoungLives will be a little akward this year...it will definitely take a little while to figure out what I can and can't do with River's school schedule in Leon and meeting the girls in Wichita. Anyhow, WOW how God is doing amazing things with this ministry. When I first started doing it last fall my friend told me how some of these pregnant and parenting teens would just break your heart. Well, I totally get it. Some break your heart because you see them not wanting Christ in their lives. Then the others break your heart because you see how sweet and loving they are and they're trying their hardest to learn all about Jesus and learning how to raise their babies with love. It's wonderful. I might be going to a different group of girls this year which will be awesome, but I will miss a few that I was just getting to know so greatly!

Well, enough about the Nelson homefront. I'll try to post more consistently for my family regarding baby stuff.