Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nesting may be setting in.

In the last two days I have
1. Gone through and cleaned out Riv's closet, dresser and toys, bought bunkbeds so the girls can sleep in the same room when Kylie's here;

2 Went through my closet, dresser, shoes, linens and towels;

3. Went through all winter stuff;

4. Packed up clothes in tubs to keep for baby girl when she's 4 and 5.

I ended up with 5 large trashbags of clothes / stuff for the Goodwill Store.

Mission Accomplished.
Next Mission??
Get Jason to load it in the truck,
Get Jason to put together bunkbeds,
Get Jason to go through his winter clothes in what is soon to be baby's closet,
Get Jason to put crib together.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary honey!

Bowfishing on Tablerock Lake, MO 24 weeks pregnant. ( I never caught anything....imagine that...) J was soooo patient with me as I had to look in every cove possible. He went as slow as possible for the whole day so I could get something and the chance never came.
I fished in this raft at the mouth of the Roaring River because the boat was too big to get to the good spots. I did bowfish here...which was pretty funny. I shot my arrow only to hit the bottom of the river. When I retrieved it, the broadhead was gone. After assuming it broke off upon impact, we found it on the floor of the boat. Which means it wasn't screwed on tight enough, so it fell off. Good thing I didn't get a fish, there was no arrow to kill it. Hehehe! Happy Anniversary baby. I can't believe I kept you around for the last six years. Or vice versa. (j/k)

Whoa! Where's this hottie's face at?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A special girl

This is my friend C. I met her as a mentor through YoungLives. She just turned 18, graduated high school, and her daughter just turned 1. God placed her in my life. On graduation day I took her to get her hair done. She graduated with an infant and she deserved something special. I pray for C everyday that she would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit knocking on her heart's door. I pray she allows Christ in so that He can start leading her down the path He has for her and her daughter.
Love you C!

Several posts in 1...because I'm leaving town for 4 days to find my sanity and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on Table Rock Lake

Kylie was in town last weekend and all last week. One night the girls spent the night with Mimi so Jason and I had a night alone. I've been soooooo busy with stuff I left 2 days worth of dishes in the sink because I simply wasn't available to get them done. I've never left a sink full of dishes overnight, much less 2 days worth. So, my husband took it upon himself on our "night alone" to build a dish assemblage. I have to say, being an artist, I'm super impressed! The bowl on top was a challenge, but he finally got it to stay.

Sisters in Mimi's pool
Summer fun: washing the camper and playing in the water hose. (Only my husband washes the camper...he must get it from his dad.)