Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Thursday, January 31, 2008

"I tell you what, Cowboy....."

Riverlyn utilizing her newfound slang my father taught her is pretty darn funny. That's my girl!

And here's my other girl, Sasha:

She's got ears that can people snoring in Japan. She really is a good watch dog out here. Not only are we working on getting Riverlyn to stop sleeping in the bed with us but Sasha as well. As soon as we get them both in their own beds all night maybe we can have another baby someday!

Today is snowed. And snowed and snowed. I actually got up at 5:30 for my quiet time before getting ready for work and then realized there was no way I was going to get out of my driveway. We have about 6 inches on our deck right now so that means the snow drifts out here about 500 gazillion feet deep. Really. I got stuck in one before. Anyway, when I got up this morning (at 5:30) only to realize I wasn't going to work, then my daughter gets up. So much for quiet time. So as soon as the sun came up I went outside and got this shot:

It's a plow from way back when horses had to pull them across the crop field, it "decorates" our fence line for now. Seeing as how the weather has been wet, freezing cold, blizzardy, or just plain frozen, we haven't really had much time to some things cleaned up since moving out here. Although, I'm not sure I'm going to move this because it looks neat....and it's about 500 gazillion pounds...Really. Past the plow, isn't the view the best? I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Those of you with children can enjoy this, and those of you who don't have kids are crazy if you can't enjoy this:
Yesterday, on the way to church, we were driving our typical "through the countryside" drive and Riverlyn saw a house with storm shelter. We recently moved into the countryside and have a storm shelter since the new house doesn't have a basement. I had no idea she even knew what a storm shelter / cellar was, apparently she must have overheard us talking about them. From the back seat she piped up "Hey Daddy! We have one of those at our new house so we can go in it if the potatoes come in the storm!" We laughed all the way to church, it was so cute we didn't have the heart to correct her. I mean, she's 3 and has the vocabulary and pronouncing skills of a 6 year old. She's smart enough to let her call them potatoes until she figures it out on her own.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

okay, i know this blog is boring but soon i'll figure out how to get more pictures and links on here...I have so much i'd like to share. Soon...I promise.

Monday, January 14, 2008

God's reasoning...not for us to know

My friend's mother is going through a tough trial right now, this is for her.

For Julie:
An angel face with a dripping heart
Drenched with humility
Wrapped up in humbleness
All the while fighting hostility

This angel face can’t see it now, to her it’s just Satan abusing
She’s really just a precious piece of whom the Lord is using
Confusion ripping her mind apart
Trying to find her way,
Depending on faith that’s always been there
Guiding her day by day

Prayer after prayer
she holds on,
Knowing deep down that she’s God’s.

He sees her feeling her way through the dark
A tunnel so cold, she's so alone,
Her hands slowly feel along the rough and rocky wall
Drenched with sweat of persevering hope
That all will end up well.

Rejoice! She’s the Lord’s own.
In His Time he will have shown.
He sees her feeling her way through the dark
Her heart won’t drip with sorrow and humility
Because in the end she stands with the Lord


Why does the Lord put us through the trials we face? And why does He put His children of utmost humbleness through the toughest trials of all? We will never know, but if we stay focused on Him and continue to trust in Him through them all then we can ask Him when we get to Heaven.

in my darker days....


I actually got this published. I brought it out again the other day and read it, it had been awhile. It's amazing how the emotion of the words flood back into your heart. I read it now and all the emotion and hurt I had inside of me is overwhelming. Praise God for His Grace and Redemption. I'm sure you all will see many more poems I have from my darker days. It's more of a "shedding" thing for me to be able to get it out there. Maybe then I can just let it all go instead of harboring them.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A late night heartfelt....

Whatever makes my husband and I click has really been workin' lately. 4 1/2 years of ups and downs, a daughter and whole lotta faith made me write this for him:

Hey, Hey baby
my sweet love,
my special one sent from above,
I's just wantin' you to know,
God planted a seed and it's beginning to grow
now my heart has overflown
with what the Lord has shown,
through the streets of heaven it's already known,
can you feel, can you hear,
my heart beating, ringing, stinging clear
another song about an answered prayer
I asked for you,
and you are there
Praise my God for my sweet sweet love
my baby sent from above
so....I's just wantin' you to know.

Kendra Loves Jason

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seriously...how many times

So I've started this how many times now? Here I am again, square one. That's the epitomy of my life and everything in it....back to square one. Staring over again. This time, however, is crucial. I've got a family depending on me, I've got an income to start generating and I've got a goal and a dream. Not to mention my sanity. I want the world to hear me. I want it and everything in it to feel me. So I'm starting this free lance writing thing and needed a link to my own personal page to link myself to a personality...not just what readers read in my upcoming articles. Finally, my own little peice of the world. What have I been waiting for?

Oh yeah....life happened, and that kinda throws a little kink in things sometimes.