Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Monday, November 16, 2009

a dream i had last night

We were on a boat, a really nice one. It was me, Jason and someone else. In another boat was a driver, another person, and Michael Jackson. We were racing them. We turned real sharp and all of our cows in diapers flew into the ocean. We turned back around to rescue them and as the guys were pulling the cows into the boat I was trying to explain to them why we should just keep the soaking wet diapers they were wearing on them and save the clean, dry ones because the wet ones could still contain "things" until we got to dry land. Then when there was no chance of the cows falling overboard, we'd put the dry ones on.

Friday, November 6, 2009

convo's with Riv

River: Mommy, we made omelets at school today.
Mommy: ooh yum. did you use eggs and cheese?
River: yes.
Mommy: did you put some ham in it?
River: No, we put hog in it.

Riv' BF Jenna: Dinosaurs are real but unicorns aren't.
Riv: Yeah, there's no more dinosaurs. Some people think a meteor killed 'em.
BF Jenn: They probably ate each other up.
Riv: Yeah, or a earth-crack got 'em. Do you know what a earth-crack is?
(Me: laughing so hard inside I didn't hear the rest of the conversation.)

Me: Who helped you with this project at school?
Riv: Miss D.
Me: Which one is she?
Riv: the perfect one.
me: Why is she perfect?
Riv: She's not fat like Mrs.* She's not really really old like Mrs. ** and she doesn't have a really big forehead like Ms. ***.