Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When it rains, it pours!

Monday...oh Monday was awesome. I had been cozied up in the house all day. My husband wasn't working at the fire station or pushin' snow! Riverlyn was home and we had a great, not-very-often relaxed family time. Just hanging out. It was the first day in a coule weeks where I didn't have an obligation scheduled. Actually, I had a Christmas party but I skipped out...I didn't really have to be there. I was so cozy and happy, I just couldn't make myself get out and about and do make-up and hair...call me lazy, but call me happy!

Tuesday...oh Tuesday was just awful! First, we woke up, turned on the faucet and there was no water coming out...(uhh, didn't this happen to me last year? right...) and that's when we realized the pipes were frozen and we forgot to leave a faucet dripping. Great. So we put a propane heater blasting heat onto the water pipes. That was at 8 o'clock in the morning. By 8:30 Jason bailed, he had to go plow. As the heater under the house was blasting heat (like that's not the most dangerous thing in the world) I had to check the faucets every 20 minutes or so to see if we had water yet. And every time, I came up nill. In between those 20 minute intervals I had to go outside to check the heater to make sure it was still blowing under the house, because if the ignition goes out, then I'm basically forcing propane into my home right?

Anyways, By 4:00pm yesterday, my dad was on his way to wrap the pipes in heat tape. Then Jason called to see if we had any running water yet. "Nope," I said. Then, the Carbon Monoxide detector starts going off. "Why's the fire-alarm beeping at me?" I asked Jason via phone. "That's not the fire alarm Kendra. That's the C O detector. Call 911 and get out of the house...be sure and turn off the propane ignition and heater. Hurry."

It was 20 degrees outside so I tell Riverlyn to grab her coat and boots and go outside. That's when I realized that my 4 year old does NOT think straight under pressure. She started running around in circles, hands shaking, terrified look on her face screaming "I don't know where it is..." and then starts crying...She was so scared.

So I got her and both dogs inside the car while I was on the phone with 911. When I hung up, I realized I forgot my keys. I ran back inside scared because I thought my house was going to blow up or something. When I grabbed my keys, water started shooting out of the faucets I had opened earlier. Thank you God! We have water and no broken pipes. See, I knew the propane tank heater would work! Although the firemen told me later the it was also the source of the CO leak. Stupid me. I also felt stupid when they went into my house and all the faucets were running full blast. They probably thought I was dumb AND wierd. Oh well. I have water again, and no CO. And then we played barbies.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It was Mel's idea

So I saw Mel did this and thought it would be funny...I was really chosen to do this either but it's fun.

1. Open your 4th picture folder on your computer
2. Choose the 4th picture.
3. Post and explain your picture
4. Select 4 other people to do the same.

Sedgwick County Zoo, this gorilla was thinking real hard about what he was going to do to my camera if I took one more picutre of him. I don't think I took anymore considering the path of destruction he left behind him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not it

So, I had my sonogram...my doctor will look at it and will go over it with me in January. The nurse that did it said she thought everything looked just fine but the doc would have final say. However, Jason had a complete physical last week. His doctor called and said his testosterone levels were low. So maybe it wasn't me! So maybe things will be looking up sometime soon. I want to have a another baby before I turn 30!

Our family has all been fighting off chest colds, sinus issues, you know, all the typical winter crud.

Thanksgiving was great. We spent the first half of the day at my mother and stepfathers house. Then the rest of the day at Jason's parents house. This next weekend we'll have more food and ping-pong fun with my dad and his girlfriend.

Other than, life has consisted of hunting, so check out my hunting journal. There's some cool new trail camera pictures and grueling details of sitting in my treestand for the last 2 1/2 months only to see nothing. Hopefully, in the end, there will be something said for being persistent.

TaTa For Now.