Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Saturday, October 31, 2009

When God answers a prayer

Yesterday, something wonderful happened. God's grace is amazing! Lately, Riverlyn is starting to understand prayer and how to pray. And when she prays, she has such faith! Well, it was raining outside and Riverlyn wanted to go outside with her umbrella. I was feeding the baby in the nursery. After being out in the rain for just a couple of minutes it started pouring. I could imagine her trying to get in the door with the cold rain beating down on her as her precious 5 year old hands try to open the door and get the umbrella in. It simply wasn't going to happen. That's when I hear her open the door just a little and holler at me inside to come help her. I couldn't respond before the door slammed shut. She couldn't hear me now. I was going to tell her to put the umbrella down and just hurry inside. So, that's I started to pray "God, she has so much faith in you! Lord, please let her say a prayer and ask you to stop the rain so you can stop the rain and just give her a light of your existence and love for her."

Then, immediately, the rain completely stopped. It was dead silent. The door opened, she came in and wiped her feet. Her feet pitter-pattered through the house and she ran into the nursery huffing and puffing. "Mommy! It started raining really hard and I couldn't get inside so I asked God to stop the rain so I could come inside. And He did! He made it stop!"

And this is just one of many prayers He has answered immediately like that for me.

We were created to love and be loved.
He is our Father. Do you want to be His child?

Pray for your children! Pray for their health, relationships and safety. Pray for their hearts and ask the Lord to let them feel the Holy Spirit and know it! Pray for help from the Lord to guide you as you raise your children. And always, pray with them and encourage them to pray.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

my loves...

Okay, so I'm totally skipping out on my chance to take a shower just to update this darned blog. Here some more baby pics! She's 4 weeks old now! Can you believe it?

Quick birth story:
Early that morning my back had the familiar back ache...I figured today would be the day, so...I took a shower, put make-up on :), checked my bags and got ready just in case...then the contractions started very mild. I pulled River out of school early, took her to in-laws, and waited for J to get off work. Contractions were getting closer but nothing I couldn't talk through. He got off work and we decided to go to the hospital to see if they wanted me to stay, if they did we'd call family and let them know. They said stay. We officially checked in 5:30 pm. They said I could get the pain meds whenever I was ready but I didn't want it too soon and decided to get it when I just couldn't take it anymore. At 8:25 I said I was ready, she checked me and I was at a 6 and 100%. We were waiting for the epidural-giver and the dr. called. Said she was on her way and to go ahead and break my water. As soon as my water broke, she turned me on my side to get ready for the pain meds. That's when I said she's coming now and the nurse freaked out. There was no time for anything, no dr., no pain meds, no time for scrubs to be put on, i started pushing as they were telling me not to. Screw them, that's what my body was telling me to do! At 8:44 she announced herself as a dr. from another part of the hospital slid in to catch her just in time. (J was there just in case though :) )