Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here's to the Butler Community Ag students!

I wish ten years ago I knew what I wanted to do with my life. When I walk into the classroom, I look at the kids I have class with. I say "kids" because I'm on the average about 10-12 years older than they are. But they've got one up on me! They've got it together at 19 years of age. I think the ag students are setting the bar for all ag students to come. Not only are they going into professions that will help better the world and sustain our food chains, and not only do they have the brains and braun to do it (yes, even all the girls!) but they have the most awesome personalities. Class is always full of laughs with integrity. I feel lucky to have class with this group. I'm sure the students behind them were just as awesome and the students to come have the most awesome footprints to walk in. They are like a family to each other, I have noticed. They all have that "downhome" atttitude toward everyone. I can't post this without giving props to my ag instructors. They are simply the best; what can I say. I've had 12 years of school plus a previous degree from Butler Community College. Not one instructor I've ever had compares to them. If only I had them to learn from ten years ago.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 1st is WHAT WHAT?

Yeah, you knew it was turkey season didn't you. Of course you did. You better have! I've been counting down the days. Although, I failed to scout things out yet. And, I failed to restring my bow. I have enough faith I'll make it through one more year before I have to restring it. I must, I must, I must call Mr. Dub this weekend. He's got to give me the go ahead. No babies, no homework, no obligations. Just me and God's green Earth. And turkey's lurking. They are waiting for me you know. It's their passion and their number one goal in life to elude me...as they have since the beginning. But not this year. Oh no. I will provide my family with their turkey dinner this year. Maybe. Fingers crossed. And a little a prayer. Off to get my tag. Good luck with your hunt this spring. Oh, and here's a plug for my new friends: Have you thanked a farmer today?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I would Facebook today

So I deactivated my account on Facebook. We haven't been meshing lately. I really wanted to get on my blog more. So now, I think of facebook posts in my head all day. Here's a few...
1. Wow, I feel great this morning after being sick with strep the last 4 days.
2. I'm pretty sure I totally bombed that presentation. I hate presentations. And I hate Microsoft Publisher, for now anyways.
3. So, I found out my friend is blind in one eye. Now I know why she was always looking at me funny! (sorry Lauren, I had to, lol!)
4. Dear people at the grocery store, I'm teaching my 17 month old manners, so when she says "hi" to you, say "hi" back. Is it that hard?
5. Wow, I guess I tried to do to much after being sick with strep for the last 4 days, I feel like crap.
6. Tekoah busted her lip on the concrete today. And, her new favorite word is "sock."
7. Bullriding this weekend! Alone. But that's how I roll.
8. Dear guy fixing your car in the street who's always trying to impress me: Your butt crack is hanging out from under your car.
9. So I'm going to blog more, even though no one reads it.
10. So I went out behind the ag building and hung out with the calves for awhile between classes. I drooled the whole time. And longed for my own.
11. This "living in town" thing is really hard to get used to. It's been almost 8 months and I'm still trying to get used to traffic and trains and other peoples dogs. I'll never get used to it.
12. I heart cows.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Spring is coming! Spring is coming! That means new growth. Do you know how to grow your own vegetables? Have you ever tried? Do you live in a city or a neighborhood and think maybe it's not for you, that it would be easier to just go down to the grocery store and buy them?

Well, let me challenge you this spring. Whether it's a tomato plant in the back yard, herbs in your window, or beans in the flower garden, just try to grow one vegetable plant. Watch it, nurture it, then enjoy. Try it just once. Don't have any idea what you are doing? It's simple. Pick something you like...something you know you will enjoy first. If you buy an already established plant, I'm sure the local greenhouse you buy it from would love to tell you about how to care for your plant. If you want to start from seed then START NOW! Get a few seeds of the same plant started in some potting soil so if one doesn't take, you'll still have another to transplant. Get it in the window and keep it moist. Once you see your little buds emerging, you will be excited about it. I promise. If you take my challenge, let me know! It's rewarding to eat vegetables you grow yourself. And if you have any questions about it, I'd be glad to help you with it. Some of you will choose to go completely organic. Some of you will choose to use chemicals when the pests set in. Whatever you decide will be perfectly awesome, if you just try. Happy planting!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wind Farms

Property Owners and the Debate on Wind Energy

In today’s age of energy crisis, we are constantly looking for new ways to supply our energy needs. Using up all of the resources we currently have and pollution of air and water are major concerns. Wind energy is emerging throughout the world. It requires turbines of all different sizes, depending upon the need of the energy, ranging from one home or small business to entire communities. These turbines have propeller like projections that can sometimes be 200 feet long mounted on towers that reach high into the sky. They catch the wind, which turns the propellers, which produces energy when the turbines go to work. These larger than life windmills are sometimes by themselves and other times in groups we sometimes refer to as wind farms. There’s a great debate on these “wind farms” since they have to be placed somewhere. Who’s going to give up the land? Who’s going to pay for it? What are the pros and cons? These questions will continue to decide the future of wind energy.
Scientists do a lot of research finding out where the most proficient wind is, and then decide what the energy will be used for. Whatever they decide, there is always a property owner who will or will not want it happen. If it’s farmland, the space used for crop production will be given up. If it’s grazing land for livestock, that much land must be taken over for the wind turbines. Some landowners see the benefits, others see the downside. Some scientists think that offshore wind energy could account for the energy that could supply an entire nation. . Wind energy is clean, producing no green house gasses, renewable, and as long as there is sun, there is wind, therefore never running out. The wildlife hazards and other environmental concerns are minimal compared to other sources of energy.
What’s the downfall? It does ruin the view of a beautiful setting off of your back deck. The noise and construction is another nuisance. The space taken up by one wind turbine is roughly an acre, but must include an access road. However, during the construction of setting one up, the landowner loses more land during that time. Some are worried about the hazards these turbines provide for wildlife such as birds and bats. The cost to set up the turbines is incredibly expensive, but once the project is completed the energy cost is minimal. The cost of electricity is about 4¢ per kilowatt-hour The government does have tax incentives for land owners housing the turbines but one must decide if it’s worth it to live under three or four 200 foot long turbines. I think it’s definitely something worth it that should continue to prosper, but we shouldn’t be reliant on only one source of energy. As you see, there is much more research to be done.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have found one of my passions in life. No, not school; but the agriculture classes I'm taking in school. First it was pre-vet, but I've recently switched to agriculture. I'm loving it! I still may switch over to Farm and Ranch Management, but either way I think my instructors will play a key role in helping me find my future career. Right now I have crop science, meat science, agriculture in society, microcomputers in agriculture and livestock nutrition. But I think I need to take a class in sitting up straight. Class all day starts weighing on the 'ole back and neck. I'm not used to looking down at a table with papers and books all the time either. And, I may possibly be as old as my instructor :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

writers block, perhaps

So...I feel the need to write but have so much going through my mind I'm not sure where to start.

When I feel this way, the best remedy is a good hunt. The holiday season is over, school has not started yet and bow season is coming to an end. One tree stand is kind of not safe right now and ensures a chiropractor appointment. The other stand I've never had any luck on. So today I'm going out to the deer blind...precisely where I almost died across the river 2 years ago. But, I did see good deer there that time so I will go back. Maybe they'll get closer this time. I should have kept up my hunting journal this year. I haven't journaled since 2008. The following year I was unable to leave Riverlyn with Jason, the year after that I only went twice because, well, you just can't nurse a baby in a treestand in 30 degree weather. I wonder why God didn't work that one out? Hmmm....

Here's to today! To save my sanity, my patience and to get a good dose of worshipping my Heavenly Father in all His amazing creation. That's possibly the best part; aside from the adrenaline rush. Goodluck me. I usually don't "goodluck myself" but right now, there's no one to wish me luck :)