Don't Bother Wiping Your Shoes

Friday, May 30, 2008

So, I haven't been here in a few days. 2 weekends ago we went camping, and if i get up enough motivation then i'll post some pictures. That next week at work I spent stressing over whether or not I had clearly enough explained what would need to be done to whomever was taking over my role and tasks. (YES, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY A STAY-AT-HOME MOM). Then Memorial weekend we went on a float trip on the Elk River in Missouri. We had a great time. I spent most of Friday night watching our camp-neighbors cook, fish, and all the other things you do when you're camping as we were just setting up camp. I had been watching this little blond hair blue eyed girl fish on the river wearing her life vest. I was just thinking to myself how much she reminded me of my daughter...that's when her mom came out of thier camper hollering "River, it's time to eat now!" No way! that little girl's name was River. I went over to the mother and struck up a small conversation saying how my daughter's name was River also, yada yada yada, have a good evening, and then back to our campfire I went. The next evening, after we floated for 5 hours, I went up to the camp shower house. That lady was there with her daughter River and her neices. Then, one of the girls said "Hey Aunt Kendra, can we have some shampoo?" Now wait a minute, this was really wierd! I stood up and spun around and looked at this lady and the look on my face must have said it all. I said "your name is Kendra too?" "SHUT UP" she said. At the exact time in the exact same tone of voice we said "Are you serious?" WIERD. Now I would come back home and not one of my friends or family would believe that I had just spent the weekend camping next to a lady named Kendra with daughter named River. Like I said, WIERD.
Next, we drove home Sunday morning from Missouri and on the way home, we passed a body. Yes, that's what I said, a body. Jason called 911 and everyone in the truck was mad at him he didn't stop. Never did find out what that was all about. My curiousity is still killing me. Nothin' like a peaceful drive interrupted by a dead body on the side of the road. WIERD.
THEN...we got home, and I was getting out of the shower and getting ready to head to my dad's house to wish him a happy 50th birthday. Then Jason comes in the house and says he feels like "he got into something." "I'm itchy and hot and my heart is racing." An allergic reaction seemed probable. I looked at his back and he was covered in hives. Then he started swelling up. Called 911 and I think they made it just in time before all his air passages had finally closed up. He was going into anaphylactic shock from something. The ambulance took him to the hospital, they took care of and he healed alright. But after 50 cc's of benadryl injected into your veins, on top of whatever epinphren-type stuff they gave him, he knocked off his feet half drunk like (just the way he liked it I'm sure :) However, being completely out of it in bad weather is not a good combo. He woke up at 11pm Sunday night, just long enough for me to tell him that I couldn't get our weather radio to work right. He fixed it, sat down at the computer, pulled up the weather just in time to read aloud (to myself, Kylie and River) a tornado warning that had just been issued at our location. In his slow slurred speech and red puffy benadryl eyes his last words of the post read "GET TO YOUR SHELTERS NOW."............................................................And then we scrambled. How many times had I packed a bag ready to go to the shelter. I had played the scenario over and over again in my head. But now, I walked in circles, completely dumbfounded at where Kylie's shoes were, should I grab a blanket, how do i stop river from shaking, is Jason going to make it down the stairs? And so on.
We stayed in ourshelter for about 20 minutes, blessed to have it, and blessed to emerge to a perfect home still standing. Come to find out there never was a tornado, but we got good practice.
Then I spent this last week preparing myself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally to be a stay at home mom. And yesterday, which was my last day at work, (I've worked a full time job since I was 16 years old ) I missed. Riverlyn woke up puking and had a low-grade fever. And now, she is still sick tonight, a Friday night, meaning if she gets worse then we'll probably have to hit the emergency room. so, like i said, I'll post more as soon as I'm motivated to. Right now, I'm going to appreciate my family, my home, my chores, my shelter, my life and go and just be a mom.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A nice day...finally!

Sisters. I love this picture.
I haven't posted in a few days. And since then, I've been camera happy. So, here's a few things we do on nice days:

Kiss daddy.

Then, beg daddy for a tree house.

Pick some leaves from the "helicopter tree" to make some soup.

Add some grass for flavor.

Then get some water

Then get daddy to help you finish your gourmet green dinner. Yum.

Then take a walk with daddy.
And watch the storm roll in.