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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wow. Today is day I don't want to repeat, but as long as there is life on earth, it will someday happen again. Sasha died today. Riv was 2 years old when we got her. Sasha was 8 weeks old. I potty trained them at the same time. Sasha had a curious streak. She was the most loyal dog. Her only goal was to love you, no matter who you were; and she would knock you over to lick your face to prove it. But if she caught scent of a rabbit, cat, skunk or a pretty little flower her nose took over. Today she was hit by a car, and the hardest part was telling Riv. She had her break down. She wanted to see her one last time. She was upset the most that she didn't get to say goodbye. She wanted me to promise to never get her another dog again. (I just told her she would make that decision when she was a little older.) I told her time would heal our hurts and Loki needed our love right now. She decorated a piece of wood, Jason nailed it onto another piece of wood to form a cross to put under her favorite tree. And tonight, she lays sleeping with an 8x10 picture of her and Sasha, smiling and happy. And now, that everyone is asleep and the day is done, I will have my breakdown. Goodbye Sasha. I love you so much and we will never forget you.

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Melanie-Pearl said...

Oh, Kendra! I'm so sorry to hear this. That's just terrible news. Thinking of you---